Local Line Papermill open for 2022!

Welcome to Local Line Papermill!

After a long year of research, studio upgrades, equipment building and hard work I can finally announce that Local Line Papermill is ready to launch and is open for business!

Local Line is here to serve all local artists, craftsman and D.I.Y. enthusiasts with your paper needs! From raw fiber to recycled stock, custom requests to in house selections, Local Line can help make your next project or body of work a reality.

I could not have made the last year happen without a lot of support from my friends and community! A huge thank you to Alex at Griffen Hollow, Trevor at Fortin Ironworks, and G.C.A.C. for logistical and financial support, and helping the arts and small business succeed!

A special thank you to numerous friends and family who helped along the way; but especially to my partner and biggest supporter Kimberly Mullett; and fellow collaborator Jocelyn Kane. You two wonderful ladies truly made the difference!

Updates and offerings will be posted on the Cobenick Studios Facebook Page as well as here in the weeks to come.

Please share and follow as our full line of products and services come available!

Thanks and be well friends!


CS Book Rescue Program Starting at $75!

Do you have an old book that’s in pretty good condition it just needs a new cover or a little love?

Welcome friend!

Get a standard book recover with our Book Rescue Program.  Repairs start at $75 for basic maintenance and further pricing will be determined after assessment of your book.

Standard repairs may include complete spine, hinge, and cover repairs using archival material.  



  • Reattaching loose covers
  • Replacing missing spines or covers
  • Torn/Loose pages
  • Broken book blocks
  • Leather replacement/repair
  • Hot stamping, foil embossing, and tooling
  • Specialty and advanced repair pricing available after consultation.

Give a Daniel a call to make your consultation appointment! (614) 260-2021