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Papermaking Workshops“Paper for All – @ 700 Bryden – 8/17/24

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Upcoming 2024 Workshops :

Book Repair for Bookbinders at the Morgan Conservatory

Saturday, 8/3/24, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Tickets: – $175

Some supplies included – Click Here to Register

This workshop is for intermediate or advanced bookbinders interested in shifting gears from making books, to an introduction to amateur repair and restoration techniques. The skills overlap, but many aspects of repair and restoration are specific to “saving” a book versus creating a book. Participants will be introduced to tools, materials, and techniques that will build off current skills and lay the foundation for an alternate use of those skills. Participants will learn how to assess and identify damage, perform common repair procedures for most problems, and learn the materials used for amateur repairs and where to obtain them.

Project Lab at Idea Foundry: Basic Book Binding & Repair – Summer/Fall 2024

Thursdays, 6/27, 7/25, 8/22, 9/26, 10/24, 11/21, @ 6:30 PM

Idea Foundry Member – $90
Non Member – $105

All supplies included – Click Here to Register

Just like basic maintenance on your home does not require a contractor, basic maintenance for your personal library does not require a specialist!

In the first portion of this class, participants will receive a brief introduction to the terminology, beginner level tools, and techniques of bookmaking; as well as completing a small basic booklet in a hands-on work session. Your book will be 5″ x 7″ with blank pages and the cover can be blank, or if time allows, embellished.

The second portion of this workshop will take the previous techniques and use them to introduce basic maintenance and repair techniques for your books at home. Participants are encouraged to bring a book (paperback, hardcover, or both) of no sentimental or fiscal value to work on, thrift store finds are great for this. Personal books that you would like to show, discuss, or receive consultation on are also encouraged.

Supplies will include take home tool kit and literature for supplies and follow up research.

Artist Residencies

Programs Available: 

Sculpted Paper Mural (Grade levels K-12)

A collaborative project becomes a permanent artwork for the school. This project is designed to encourage students to think outside the box about what is art, what is sculpture, and is that really paper!

With artistic direction students will apply several colors of raw paper pulp to a large board and then process the pulp; so that when dry it will become a solid sheet of paper art. Pulp is made from an acid free recycled cotton rag that has been colored with a paper pigment which is also acid free. The scale and size of the mural will depend on the site. The range of 4’ X 4’ to 4′ X 8″ can be completed in one day depending on the number of participating students and complexity of the design. The piece will then be allowed to dry and the color and texture will change as the mural cures.  At the end of this curing process the mural will be solid piece of paper art .

Each piece is individually designed in collaboration with staff to enhance the school curriculum and site. This is a great cross curriculum project that embodies science, math, history, and social studies. This program often requires an extended stay by the artist.


  • School Visit
    • Duration: 45-50 min. per class
    • Fees: $175/half day; $250/full day – plus supplies ($1.50 average per student)
    • Requirements: Water source, tables, electricity. Design and planning session with art teacher. NOTE: Floors will get wet.

Sheet Hand Papermaking with optional Tapestry Mural (Grade levels K-12)

An introduction to the artist and his work, and an interactive discussion of how we all use paper, how it impacts our lives, and historical reference to life without paper. A demonstration of papermaking from pulp preparation to the finished sheet is followed by a hands-on activity in which each student makes a piece of paper using his or her own pulp recipe and technique. Ideas for follow-up activities, how to use the paper when dry, and a question and answer period conclude the session. This activity can be combined with mural making as a great management activity while the groups rotate or be divided into two one-day sessions: to make their own paper, and after the paper is dry, the artist will return to help the students embellish their work to complete a tapestry or sewn mural.


  • School Visit
    • Duration: 45-50 min. per class
    • Fees: $175/half day; $250/full day – plus supplies (fees vary with project)
    • Requirements: Water source, tables, electricity. NOTE: Floors will get wet.


 Paper Workshops 

“Papermaking for All” – All levels welcome

In this fun afternoon session we will introduce traditional and experimental paper making techniques. The traditional process of making paper is centered around the concept of catching and separating beaten plant fibers from a vat of water. Pulp is strained from the vat of water by a screen stretched on a frame. Sculptural and experimental techniques will also be introduced.

Tickets: – $125

Location: 700 Bryden Road Columbus, OH 43215

All supplies included – Click Here to Register

This Class Includes:

Complete Instruction and Info packet for home use All equipment and supplies.

You Will Learn:

How to make a mould and deckle
How to process paper pulp
How to make a sheet of handmade paper
How to make colored paper
How to mold paper into sculptures using plaster castings
How to incorporate paper making into other art forms

You Will Need:

Several Newspapers (to transport finished paper home to dry)
The desire to make a mess
All other supplies included
This workshop has one afternoon session: Noon – 5 p.m.

Meet and Greet w/ refreshments at 11:00 p.m. – Beginners welcome!

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We would love to be a part your Fest!

Daniel has been teaching, demonstrating, and creating at festivals all over the tri-state area for over 20 years. Whether it is a cultural demonstration or a full blown hand-on activity for the community he has you covered! let’s collaborate and make something amazing for your festival season!

Here is our paper machine and sculpted paper tile hands-on activity at the Columbus Arts Festival!