Book Repair & Restoration

Preserving, and restoring any kind of book is CS Book Art’s mission. We make books, we collect books, and are passionate about saving books. We employ numerous techniques and skills to preserve and repair page, spine, covers, red rot, and any other needs your book may have. We also educate on the proper maintenance of a book to help keep it looking good for generations to come!

Do you have an old book that’s in pretty good condition it just needs a new cover or a little love? Do you have a really old book that’s a mess and you’re not sure what to do!? Whether it’s a Family Bible, a special project, an antique box, or your dog chewed the book you borrowed, we have you covered! Check out this article for more information!!

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Check out our reviews and our Restoration Gallery at “From the Bench”! 

All our repairs and processes use only quality archival material. Repairs start at $75 for basic maintenance.

Further pricing is determined after assessment of your book.

I found this press in New Orleans. After weeks of cleaning and repair it is one of my hardest working pieces of equipment!

Repair services include:

  • Reattaching loose covers
  • Replacing missing spines or covers
  • Torn/Loose pages
  • Broken book blocks
  • Leather replacement/repair
  • Hot stamping, foil embossing, and tooling
  • Digital imaging for important, delicate, or genealogical pages and covers
  • Specialty and advanced repair pricing available after consultation.

Check out our reviews and our Restoration Gallery at “From the Bench”! 

Daniel has worked with clients both local and abroad, for private clients and collectors, churches, as well as arts and government agencies. Including the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio State University, Ohio Historical Society, Columbus Metropolitan Libraries and many more.

Give Daniel a call for your appointment and let’s talk about your book!

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Monday – Friday / 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. by appointment only.