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Local Line Paper House is located within CS Book Arts Studios.


Papermaker Daniel Colvin is dedicated to providing the highest quality papers to Professional Artists and Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts.


FOR ARTISTS – As a Printmaker and Educator I understand how important well made, versatile paper is. From drawing to watercolor paper I can help you create a paper that will fit the needs of your style of art making. Customized size, weight, texture, and color are all possible. Contact me anytime to plan your next body of work!

FOR DIY – I can customize your paper order to meet your specific needs: decorative additions, custom colors,  imported and exotic fibers. Specializing in custom papers for DIY Projects, and making each custom order truly unique!

All of our papers are home printer compatible for all your DIY needs! We offer paper in several varieties:

  • Natural colors
  • Custom color paper
  • Decorative stationery
  • Custom sizes
  • Artist papers
” Hi Daniel,

The night of the Canal Winchester Art Guild opening at CS Gallery you gave me a sheet of your handmade paper.  I did a watercolor painting on it and wanted to show it to you before it was framed.  It is great paper for WC.  I didn’t have to stretch it wet, just painted on it and it did not roll or otherwise get out of shape.  I would highly recommend it.  Thank you! ”

Sharon Will – Studio 7.5


General Stock Fibers

Recycled cotton rag: Very durable, 100% natural, Green, Archival.
Abaca: This is a very hearty fiber that is also known as Puerto Rican hemp.

Note: the “natural” color of cotton rag is white. The “natural” color of abaca is khaki.

Both of these fibers are very resilient and provide fantastic quality for any use whether it be a computer printed card or a fine watercolor painting.


Stationery bulk paper orders come in bundles of 25.  The paper may be custom color matched, filled with inclusions of various flowers or other decorations. We can do custom inclusions, but primarily stationery papers are filled with a variety of what is seasonally available at the time the order is filled.

Custom Orders

Custom orders to fit whatever your needs may be!

  • Sizes: Paper of nearly any size, dimension, and quantities.
  • Colors: Add ANY COLOR to the paper. Provide a swatch, and we will create a paper to compliment!
  • Inclusions: If you need a specific flower included in your paper, or most any decorative element, we can include it.
  • Local Fibers: Paper made from many other local fibers. Depending on availability and season, we offer papers mare from irises and lilies to local indigenous plants. Watch the store for seasonal availability!

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