Artwork of Daniel Colvin

Artists Statement:

I am interested in creating challenging experiences that allow paper to emerge as more than its traditional and commercial purposes; and also challenge myself to create installations tailored to fascinating open spaces. I am creating a new series of installations inspired by the tension and seduction in nature between organic and natural geometric shapes. I want to explore being captivated by how we experience the playful interaction of light and color in nature; whether it plant, animal, or mineral. These installations are combinations of hard and soft made from bark based paper, resin, and laser cut acrylic. The Japanese Kozo fiber is an inner bark of such high quality that it allows me to create cocoon like sculptures with translucent yet incredibly strong results. My installations tend to focus on the positive and negative space between layers; while also playing with the way light, color, and reflection are experienced off a variety of tactile surfaces. The ambiguous shapes and translucent cocoon effect accentuates the way particular components will sway slightly with the natural air current of any given space, creating a completely different experience every time you walk around it. Much in the same way you experience a walk through a canopy of trees on a beautiful sunny day; my hope is to curate a similar experience through the paper layers, the play of light, and positive-negative space. 

Rejuvenation Series – 2016 – Present

September 2017 – Carnegie Gallery





















September 2016 – Shot Tower Gallery






















May 2016 – R.A.W. Gallery