Artist/Community Resources

Cobenick Studios is happy to offer support and resources for artists and crafters.



For paper related assistance:


Our paper studio and equipment are available for rent and use by appointment.

Contact Local Line Papers for scheduling and pricing! 

For artists interested in beaten pulp, Local Lines Papers will be happy to supply you with small batch pulp made to your specifications.

Not sure what you need for a particular application or project, give Daniel a call for a free consultation!




For book related assistance:


CS Book Arts does not recommend or encourage anyone to attempt to repair or preserve any book of significant sentimental or monetary value. Please make an appointment with Daniel or another trained professional to repair valuable books.

With that being said,

If you do have a book that you would like to repair and you are feeling adventurous to do it yourself Daniel highy recommends Save Your Books. Sophia Bogle offers an amazing variety of free and `a la carte classes for almost any basic book repair. 

But please my friends, do not repair a book yourself that you are not prepared to ruin yourself! Otherwise have fun learning something new!