For five years (2010 – 2015) the CS mission was to proudly provide an opportunity for artists of all levels and genres to present, market, and sell their works. As working artists and educators supporting any and all working artists; we believed that mentoring new artists, networking, and creating an experience for patrons is just as important as profits. CS worked to be a full service gallery at an economical price for the artist and the patron.

Below are some of our most successful shows. Enjoy!


Intense Intrigue: Infatuation & Fantasy

Showing: December 1st – 5th
Artist Reception: Friday, December 5th, 6-9PM

CCAD Photography senior thesis show.

Heather Orwig
Jennifer Goheen Crews
Samantha Kamer
Emily Fern Masley
Chelsea Tanksley
Nick Boso
Kazzi Monique King
Brittany Ellen Marie Deel
Niccole L. Hagelstein
Kat Skaff
Emily Altair Coughlin
Beth Duboe
Kandice Stidham
Rachel Maynard

100 Under 100

Show dates: November 8th – 30th
Opening night: Friday, November 14th, 6-9pm

Well, we made it!

CS Gallery has reached its 100th show! It’s been a wild ride, but we are still going strong!

This is going to be a huge show featuring 100 works from 50 amazing local artists. Each artist will be selling at least one of their works for 100 dollars or less. If you are interested in collecting art but haven’t had the means, this is the show for you.

The artist reception will feature live music by Jeff McCargish.

Featured Artists:
Katalin Beavers, Jeff Leonard, Jorge Vales, Paul Schoo, Mireya Schoo, Aaron Sheldon, Tiffany Christopher, Katerina Harris, Tom Sherman, Chris Pemberton & many more

CS Gallery Presents: Halloween Open Group Show

Show dates: October 23rd – November 5th
Opening night: Friday, October 31st, 6-9pm

Trick or treat! The reception for our October open falls right on Halloween. Olde Towne East Parsons Carnival will be happening at the same time as our show. Businesses on Parsons will have games and prizes. Come play Pin The Parts On The Zombie and check out some amazing artwork.
See the link below for more information.

Artist Roster:
Arlo Moon
Elaine S. Farrington Johnson
Jocelyn Kane
Brent Elam
Ralph Corriveau
Brian P Matheny
Chelsea Bennett

CS Gallery Presents: The 7 Deadly & The Jeffs CD release party

Friday, October 17, 2014 at 6:00 PM
Come for the art, stay for the music!

The 7 Deadly artist reception runs from 6-9pm, immediately followed by The Jeffs CD release party.

live music by:
The Jeffs
The Devil Doves
The Salty Caramels
Kelly Zullo

Featured Artists:
JT Thompson
Brent Elam
Carlos Roa
Jimbo Tamoro
Jocelyn Kane
Paul Schoo
Danielle Forbes
Kimberly Mullett

Dark, Twisted & Crunchy 5

Our annual surrealism show returns! Come take part in this celebration of the odd!

Show dates: September 27th – October 8th
Opening night: October 3rd, 6-9pm

NX Presents September Featured Artist – Tom Baillieul

“Put On a Happy Face” What if you encountered a familiar symbol in an unexpected, even disturbing, context? That’s one of the questions posed by my most recent work. My life-long fascination with cultural symbols led me to imagine the ubiquitous yellow “smiley” face in a variety of seemingly contradictory situations. I want people to realize that the world is a much more complex place than we might wish, and things we thought were clear can take on a different meaning in a different context. I seek to create narratives about issues of importance in our 21st centuryworld. For this series I sought to build ambiguity into each painting or collage, and invite viewers to complete each narrative based on their own lives and experiences. I hope you’ll join me. For more of the artist’s work, visit:

September OPEN Group Show

Welcome to CS Gallery’s Signature “OPEN” Group Show!!

Show dates: August 29th – September 10th
Opening night: September 5th, 6-9 p

Come check out the September installment of our signature series!!
See you there!! Featured Artists: Sharon Will | Tom Sherman | Chris Pemberton |
Aaron Behnk | Mireya Schoo | Brian Matheny

SPECIAL CLOSING EVENT: Char Norman as Curator AND Artist

SPECIAL CLOSING EVENT: Char Norman as Curator AND Artist Due to special circumstances CS is hosting a special event soft closing for both of Char Norman’s amazing shows:
Friday August 29th, 6-9pm

Welcome to CS Gallery’s Summer Detour Series!! CS Gallery presents: Summer Detour Series with Guest Curator Char Norman

Showing: August 16th – 27th
Artist Reception: August 22nd, 6-9pm

To keep this summer fresh and exciting CS is embarking on a new collaborative
adventure!! Throughout June, July, and August we will be inviting some very exciting individuals to curate some amazing shows!!

For our August Installment we are collaborating with internationally known fiber artist and papermaker Char Norman to showcase some amazing artists! ˇ

About the Exhibition:
Paper as Substrate or Structure is a special exhibition curated by nationally known papermaker, Char Norman.
Paper can be a fragile and fleeting material or a structural element in the toughest sense of the word. This material, with us for thousands of years, has changed the course of history and contributed to civilization as an integral part of art making. Traditionally paper acted as a substrate for work but has stepped boldly into the realm of structure. This collection of work embodies both ideologies. The artists selected for this exhibition employ both handmade and commercial paper in unusual and interesting ways. Those artists who use paper as surface have pushed beyond traditional definitions while those who choose paper as the structural element of the work have redefined what the essence of paper might be.

About the Curator:
Char Norman is an accomplished fiber artist specializing in papermaking and fiber sculpture. She received a Master of Fine Art from Claremont Graduate University and a Bachelor of Art from Scripps College. She has lectured and exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally. She has developed and conducted workshops for all ages, worked as a consultant to area schools and community arts organizations and has held the position of Associate Provost and Dean of Faculty at Columbus College of Art & Design. Her work can be seen at
Featured Artists: Susan Li O’Connor | Anne Corley Silverman | Gibby Waitzkin | Helen Hoffelt | Kurt Steger | Meg Hitchcock | Elizabeth Ferguson-Jean

NX Gallery Presents – Char Norman: Nature as Deity – SHOW EXTENDED

SPECIAL CLOSING EVENT: Char Norman as Curator AND Artist Due to special circumstances CS is hosting a special event soft closing for both of Char Norman’s amazing shows:
Friday August 29th, 6-9pm
Nature as Deity The idea of Nature as an object of veneration and worship is as old as man. Numerous religions and cultures have built upon this notion- even as some religions have evolved pagan roots are still evident. Tied into the worship of nature is the idea of the inter-connectedness of all things with none dominant over the other. As our society and world are facing an environmental crisis which may even lead to our demise it is more important than ever to understand this symbiotic relationship and embrace eco-psychology. I present nature in sacred spaces and attitudes as a way to bring understanding and importance to the issues at hand. The work is created through a labor-intensive almost meditative process. The making of the paper is an act of worship and reconstruction of plant fibers; embedded within are healing herbs. The sewing of layers and natural elements to the surface references mending of worn or damaged goods as well as the nurturing action of women’s work. The many layers within each piece denote the layers of religious history from paganism to Etruscan to roman to contemporary Christianity. Just as these processes and materials are woven together, the interconnectedness and the sanctity of nature is reinforced.

CS Summer Detour Series – Show Opening Featuring Greater Columbus Arts Council Staff Picks

CS Gallery presents: Guest Curators from the Greater Columbus Arts Council Staff

Welcome to CS Gallery’s Summer Detour Series!! To keep this summer fresh and exciting CS is embarking on a new
collaborative adventure!!
Throughout June, July, and August we will be inviting some very exciting individuals to curate some amazing shows!! For our August installment we are collaborating with the staff of the Greater Columbus Arts Council and the artists of Featured Artists: Featuring These Staff Selected
Artists: Laine Bachmann | Ameila Bruskotter | Michael Bush | Kim Covell Maurer | Mary Ann Crago | Christine Gouillot Ryan | Cassidy Rae Limbach | Deanna Poelsma | Amandda Tirey | Lisa McLymont | Jason Moore | Cera Marie
With special musical guest: Jeff McCargish

CS Summer Detour Series – Show Opening Featuring Columbus Underground

Welcome to CS Gallery’s Summer Detour Series!!
CS Gallery presents: Summer Detour Series with Guest Curator Columbus Underground Showing July 18th – 30th Artist Reception July 18th 6-9 pm

To keep this summer fresh and exciting CS is embarking on a new collaborative adventure!! Throughout June, July, and August we will be inviting some very exciting individuals to curate some amazing shows!!
For our July Installment we are collaborating with local social media wizards Walker and Anne Evans of Columbus Underground to showcase some of the artists from their Featured Local Artists Series!

Featured Artists: Adam Brouillette, Jeff Regensburger, Robert Patricy, Amy Neiwirth, Michael Bush

NX July Featured Artist – Matt Yoho “Exorcism Notes”

NX Gallery presents: Matt Yoho – “Exorcism Notes” Showing July 8th – 30th Artist Reception July 11th 6-9 pm In his own words: Deus ex machine, ergo sum. Which roughly translated is: god (ghost, spirit) in the machine, therefore I am. My work, particularly in the last year, has a certain amount of introspection and darkness contained within it. For me, creating a meaningful work of art isn’t about copying, or even re-imagining the world around me. It’s about digging around inside myself – sifting through memories, occurrences, and emotions; and bringing these parts of myself together in an external representation. For instance I deal with a lot of imagery that isn’t the most pleasant: conjoined twins, revolvers, my own face; and a lot of times I will use text that’s biblical or psychological in origin because those are the ideas that resonate within me on one level and appall me on another level. I think this is a good metaphor for my inner life and maybe the lives of a lot of other people: On one hand life is great, on the other hand life is horrible. Most likely a lot of the themes in my work come from growing up in rural West Virginia. Where I grew up we had abandoned farms, hollows full of dumped cars from the 50’s, all set in hills and forests so thick the ground never saw the light of day. So, I’m digging around in my subconscious, panning through this and that, and finding those little golden nuggets of idiosyncratic paradoxes and putting them on display for all the world to see.

July “OPEN” Group Show

Show dates: July 5th thru 16th
Opening night: July 11th 6 – 9 pm

Welcome to the July installment of our signature show!
Featured Artists: Rachel Konopa, Arlo Moon, Brandon Marie Selickson, Ilya LaBozetta, Brian Matheny, Tom Baillieul, Deb Baillieul, Wayne Hughes, Aaron Behnk, Roger J Williams, Kevin Russell

June “OPEN” Group Show

Show dates: June 20th thru July 2nd
Opening night: June 20th 6 – 9 pm

Come join us for the June installment of our signature show!! Featured Artists: This Show is going to be amazing!! Don’t let the rain scare you away and put THIS SHOW on your Friday night to do list!!

Featuring; Rachel Konopa, Nicole Young, Wayne Hughes, Roman & Jennifer, Brent Elam, Tom Hubbard, Tom Sherman, Scott Marion, Brian Mathon,y Caryl Lynn Young, Matt John Hickman, Roger J Williams

CS Summer Detour Guest Curator Series – June 2014

Show dates: June 7th thru June 18th
Opening night: June 14th, 7 – 10 pm

Welcome to CS Gallery’s Summer Detour Series!!
To keep this summer fresh and exciting CS is embarking on a new collaborative adventure!!
Throughout June, July, and August we will be inviting some very exciting individuals to curate some amazing shows!!
For our June Installment we are collaborating with local artist Simon LaBozetta of Underground 64 featuring
these local amazing artists!!
Featured Artists: Simon La Bozetta, JT Thompson, Nigel Wang, Jennifer Bender, Brent Elam, Lisa M. McLymont, Amy Leibrand, Matt Yoho, Roger J Williams, Leni D. Anderson, Craig Bortmas, Derek Stewart, Devin Meriam

NX Gallery Presents June Artist April Sunami

In her own words:
For several years I have painted women with fanciful hair and/or body coverings (i.e. burka, hijab, veil, etc). When I first started painting this theme I was interested in exploring the beauty of the female face and combining it with flowing shapes to represent hair or the covered form of a body. I’m still engaged in the idea of coupling the abstract with the figurative, but now I’m also preoccupied with the larger theme of contrasts. Representational/abstract, light/dark, high/low, decorative/substantive, symmetry/asymmetry, material/idea, intuition/intellect, power/impotence, Western hegemony/marginalization, universal/specific and process/result are few of the dichotomies to which I attempt to bring balance.
As a foundational base of my paintings I utilize oil and acrylic mediums. I render the faces and flesh in oil and I use acrylic to paint the ground palette of the body, clothes, and background. I love the organic and sensual quality of oil paint, but I also appreciate the fast and flexible properties of acrylic. To build texture I use everything including paper beads, collage, fabric, cork, post it notes, potpourri, mirrors, stones, breakaway glass from car accidents, and anything else I can affix to a surface (I’m still working on a good adhesive to incorporate a kitchen sink!).
Like most artists, making art is a means of creating emotional and spiritual harmony and thus a means of staying sane. My paintings are an expression of my attempt to bring internal conflicts into balance and agreement. I present it to other people in hopes that it might be a cathartic experience for them. It is my overall objective to create the kind of unity in painting that has a visceral effect on the viewer.

Off the Wall – A 3-D Exhibition!

Show dates: May 24th thru June 4th Opening night: May 31st 7 – 10 pm

We are trying something new! This will be our first all 3-D show!!
Come check out these Awesome installations and sculptures!!

Featured Artists: Todd Hickerson, Margaret Sharrad Erickson, Thomas R Ansel, Patricia Banas, Ralph Williams, Jeff Harber, Chelsea Bennett, Adam Henry, Casey Bradley, Gail Larned, Dustin Wagner, Brent Elam, G Ryan Hudson, Jennifer Brown

See you there!!

NX presents: UNDERGROUND64 Debut Show

Come join JT Thompson, Simon La Bozetta, and Nigel in their debut show in the NX Gallery. Hosted by CS Gallery.
Featured Artists: This is an amazing show to kick off our spring / summer season. These three gentleman have worked tirelessly to build something amazing in the spaces below CS and make it their own!! UNDERGROUND64 is an impressive collaboration and I am excited to be partnering with them. Don’t miss this debut showing!!

CS Gallery Presents: May “Open” Group Show

Show dates: May 10th – 21st
Opening night: May 17th, 7-10pm

Come join us for the latest installment of our signature show!!
Featured Artists: Ralph Corriveau, Vasilev Nini, Stephanie McCormick, Flint Garrabrant, Chelsea Bennett, Wayne Hughes, Tom Sherman, Brian Matheny

CS Year 4 Anniversary Show

Show dates: April 26th – May 7th
Opening night: April 26th, 7-10pm

Come help us celebrate our fourth year helping to create an amazing art culture in Columbus. Featuring music by Jeff McCargish!

Featured Artists: OHH MAN! This show is looking great!! Come check out these local Artists fo Year 4!! Brian Matheny, Ralph Corriveau, Lydia A. AcostaKraftt, Chris Patterson, Patti Goltz, Jonathan Ryan, Lindsay Rodgers, Sarah DeAgulo Hout, Kevin Russell, Wayne M. Hughes, Brian Hyrne, Chris Pack, James E. Wright, Jennifer Bender, Charla Mayhew, Danielle Forbes, Alicia Little, Todd Fisher, Steve Hayes, Brent Elam, Clinton Joshua, Tom Hubbard, Caroline Kraus

April “Open” Group Show

Show dates: April 12th – 23rd
Opening night: April 12th, 7-10pm

Featured Artists: Come check out this AWESOME show and these Featured artists: Caroline Kraus, Ryan Hudson, Tom Hubbard, Neil Loemker, Derek Stewart, April Sunami, Trisha Clifford-Sprouse, Lisa Schorr, Tiff Tossman, Melissa Elam, Brent Elam, Kevin Young ,Flint Garrabrant, Lynda Guenther, Craig Allen

Flora & Fauna

Show dates: March 29th – April 9th
Opening night: March 29th, 7-10pm

Come be apart of this show that is all about the birds, bees, flowers, trees, and maybe a little love! Featured Artists: Jennifer Brown, Vickie Nelson, Rex Brown, Ralph Corriveau, Margaret Sharrad-Erickson, Jesica Deering, Tiff Tossman, Bobbi Lapushansky, Alex Feree, Tom Sherman, Ryan Hudson, Derek Stewart, Diana Angus, Julie Miller, Christine Donaldson, Yasue Sakaoka, Rick Borgia


Show dates: March 15th – 26th
Opening night: March 15th, 7-10

The opening reception was Saturday, March 15, 2014 t CS Gallery, located at 66 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, Ohio.
To celebrate the return of EXPOSURE, we re-created the ambiance of the power outage that occured opening night of the 2013 EXPOSURE exhibit — patrons were left in the dark to (fittingly) view the mobile images by the light of their smartphones. The atmosphere was special and intimate, and a disappointed “awwww” came from the crowd when power was restored. We thought it’d be fun to have a voluntary outage this year — the “Blackout Hour”.
And WOW – WOW – WOW!!!!
Exposure 2014 was record breaking!
If you missed it you missed an amazing time! A huge thank you to everyone who came out and helped make this another great show.
BUT it is up for two more weeks!! Come see it it will rock your socks!
AND the online gallery is now open!! All works in the show are available in a limited edition of 5 prints!! Don’t miss out!!
Great job – Amy, Cynthia, Jocelyn, Rocky, All the participating artists, a spcial thanks to Jeff, DJ MOXY, and Chuck for providing the music, and a special bit of food from Caroline and her man! Also thanks to all the local businesses that provided prizes for the raffle. Corner Stone, Abnormal Allies, Tavern Olde Towne, UpperCup Coffee, Voda, Old Familiar Barber Shop, and Cap City Tatoo.
Get Exposure photos HERE
Check out this article in the Columbus Alive:
° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

Exhibit dates: March 15-26, 2014 Featured Artists: adam elkins, ale di gangi, amy hafner, barbara dubois, caroline kraus, caroline macmoran, cathrine halsør, chad cochran, christen mcfarland, christina mayberry, cindi hobgood, cristian margarita, dani salvadori ° dewey thomas ° donna estep ° emily rush eve hermann ° fiona christian ° gianluca ricoveri ° gizem karayavuz glenn homann, gwenn danae, hannah conley, heather mcalister, helge jorgensen, jade brooks, janine graf, jared gibbons, jay ross, jeanette serrat, jen l. phillips, jenn brewster, jennifer bender, jennifer bracewell, jimmy balough, jq gaines, justin fitch, kate sweeney, lanie heller, lindsey hogle, lisa waddell, mark koenig, megan corwin, mel harrison, melanie schmitt, michelle robinson, nicholas carron, paul brown, patrick mccolgan, rinkey boleman, roger guetta, stephane arnaud, sue milling, tim courlas, vanessa langhurst, veevs hanson, vickie nelson, w.e. arnold, whiispa, yana mikho-misho

“Crash” Tribute Show!

Show dates: Marxh 1st thru March 12th
Opening night: March 8th 7 – 10 pm

We are all so very stoked for this show – Come be a part of it!! This is truly our come back! One year after a disaster that could have easily wiped us out we are stronger than ever!
Come check out artists take on “crash”, “hit and run”, “explosions”, or just BOOM! These are all things that happened to us!
Come help commemorate the best/worst thing that ever happened to us!

Featured Artists: Tom Sherman, Arlo Moon, Caryl Young, Theodore Zanardelli