Saving a severely damaged and taped Bible

This Bible is a prime example of what makes book preservationists groan and cringe. Tape. So much tape. Duct tape, packing tape, scotch tape, tape is really bad. Especially on books like Bibles that have such thin and delicate pages. So this one needed a lot of saving.

The Bible belonged to the client’s distant relative and he felt that it needed to be preserved for the future. Saving the damaged inscription pages was a bit tricky. They preferred a full re-casing to saving the original cover, so that made it a more straightforward repair, but the text block still needed a lot of love.

Please my friends, don’t put tape on your old books. It never ends well. Or rather it’s a nightmare to clean and fix later!

Without further ado, here is the saving of a severely damaged and taped Bible. 

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