NX 2014 – February Featured Artist Scott Marion

Featured Artists: In Scott’s own words. Growing up, I was always the “kid who could draw,” but it’s only been since 2011 that I’ve truly embraced that role and put my all into it and the results and feedback from friends, family, and critics has been wonderful. I call my style “Hyper Surrealism” which is made by combining a photo-realistic look with elements that defy the laws or gravity and physics. My goal with each piece is for the viewer to recognize what it is, or who it is, but not be able to understand how it would be possible to achieve in the real world. Graphite and ink are most common mediums, but I also enjoy colored pencils, markers, and pretty soon I’m going to move on to canvas and paint and airbrush. Some of my influences are MC Escher, Dali, and Alex Ross.