Interview with NX Gallery’s May Featured Artist Matt Yoho by Katie Herbst


Katie got a chance to chat with the man of few words, Matt Yoho, NX Gallery’s featured artist for May, and talk a little about his upcoming show opening on Tuesday, May 7th.

Katie Herbst: I noticed you go by Artosaurusrex on your website, is there a reason for that?

Matt Yoho: Yeah, I like art and dinosaurs.

KH: Are there differences between Artosaurus, and Matt? Can he say or convey something Matt cant?

MY: I don’t think there’s any discernible difference but there is definitely a different mindset. Artosuarusrex is the part of me that makes the art. It’s more of a freedom type of thing

KH: Who or what are some of your biggest influences, current or otherwise? 

MY: Egon Schiele, Klimt, Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Marcel Duchamp.

KH: I can definitely see those reflected in your work. You mentioned Banksy and Shepard Fairey as influences, you’ve got the potential, and the pseudonym, ever consider going full blown street artist?

MY: No, I’m too much of a chicken. My favorite mediums are acrylic and good
ol’ pencil and paper.
KH: It look’s like you have a fondness for negative space, as well.
MY: I love negative space in a painting. It gives you somewhere to pause and think “What the hell is this shit supposed to be about?”.
KH: How many pieces do you have in the show? 
MY: Right now, about twenty. But there’s still time to make more.
KH: What comes next for you?
MY: I don’t have any plans at present for after the NX show. Probably some more group shows around Columbus, try to get into some different venues.
KH:  I like to end on a random note. Summer is fast approaching, what are your favorite warm weather activities?
MY: Favorite warm weather activity? Drinking wine… which is also my favorite cold weather activity.
Check out Matt’s work this May at NX Gallery!