Holy Olde Towne Car Chase! (Batman?)

So  it has been a very interesting Tuesday.

We are going to be closed in the front for a little while for obvious reasons – see photos below!

However we WILL be opening on Friday – the middle and back spaces will be open and ready and you can use the back entrance. When we do re-open we are going to need your support.

If you have ever been a fan of CS Gallery or just heard good things please consider coming and showing some support. Help us keep moving forward and  not allow this outrageous situation keep us from making 2013 our best year yet!

We open Friday at 5 to continue with the “Exposure” show and would love to see your smiling face! Your patronage will help us keep ourselves and our artists doing what we do best, making you smile with good times and great art!

And now the news: BAM!


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