“Alchemical” Show

An up close glimpse of pieces at CS Gallery

Dave Ungar
Copper Enamel
Andy Ball
Andy Ball
“Blue and Green Graf”
Dave Ungar
“Life in Cemetery”
Andy Ball
Emily Watson
“Smoke Proof #1”
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Hey everyone! We are excited to make our first post on our blog, its been a long time coming! Here at CS Gallery, we have been preparing for the Alchemical show that is now up through the 31st of July. The Alchemical show is a special exhibition celebrating all things metal with local artists! We have Steam Punk, graffiti and even a giant metal gum wrapper. If that doesn’t get you excited, then maybe the complimentary food and free in house beer from Elevator Brewery & Draught will! Come check out the Alchemical artist  reception July 28th 8-11PM! And as always, come vote for your favorite artist for The Roscoe Award!
Featuring artists:
Dave Ungar | Emily Watson | Annette Simon | Andy Ball