CS Summer Detour Guest Curator Series – June 2014

Show dates: June 7th thru June 18th
Opening night: June 14th, 7 – 10 pm

Welcome to CS Gallery’s Summer Detour Series!!
To keep this summer fresh and exciting CS is embarking on a new collaborative adventure!!
Throughout June, July, and August we will be inviting some very exciting individuals to curate some amazing shows!!
For our June Installment we are collaborating with local artist Simon LaBozetta of Underground 64 featuring
these local amazing artists!!
Featured Artists: Simon La Bozetta, JT Thompson, Nigel Wang, Jennifer Bender, Brent Elam, Lisa M. McLymont, Amy Leibrand, Matt Yoho, Roger J Williams, Leni D. Anderson, Craig Bortmas, Derek Stewart, Devin Meriam

NX presents: UNDERGROUND64 Debut Show

Come join JT Thompson, Simon La Bozetta, and Nigel in their debut show in the NX Gallery. Hosted by CS Gallery.
Featured Artists: This is an amazing show to kick off our spring / summer season. These three gentleman have worked tirelessly to build something amazing in the spaces below CS and make it their own!! UNDERGROUND64 is an impressive collaboration and I am excited to be partnering with them. Don’t miss this debut showing!!