SPECIAL CLOSING EVENT: Char Norman as Curator AND Artist

SPECIAL CLOSING EVENT: Char Norman as Curator AND Artist Due to special circumstances CS is hosting a special event soft closing for both of Char Norman’s amazing shows:
Friday August 29th, 6-9pm

Welcome to CS Gallery’s Summer Detour Series!! CS Gallery presents: Summer Detour Series with Guest Curator Char Norman

Showing: August 16th – 27th
Artist Reception: August 22nd, 6-9pm

To keep this summer fresh and exciting CS is embarking on a new collaborative
adventure!! Throughout June, July, and August we will be inviting some very exciting individuals to curate some amazing shows!!

For our August Installment we are collaborating with internationally known fiber artist and papermaker Char Norman to showcase some amazing artists! ˇ

About the Exhibition:
Paper as Substrate or Structure is a special exhibition curated by nationally known papermaker, Char Norman.
Paper can be a fragile and fleeting material or a structural element in the toughest sense of the word. This material, with us for thousands of years, has changed the course of history and contributed to civilization as an integral part of art making. Traditionally paper acted as a substrate for work but has stepped boldly into the realm of structure. This collection of work embodies both ideologies. The artists selected for this exhibition employ both handmade and commercial paper in unusual and interesting ways. Those artists who use paper as surface have pushed beyond traditional definitions while those who choose paper as the structural element of the work have redefined what the essence of paper might be.

About the Curator:
Char Norman is an accomplished fiber artist specializing in papermaking and fiber sculpture. She received a Master of Fine Art from Claremont Graduate University and a Bachelor of Art from Scripps College. She has lectured and exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally. She has developed and conducted workshops for all ages, worked as a consultant to area schools and community arts organizations and has held the position of Associate Provost and Dean of Faculty at Columbus College of Art & Design. Her work can be seen at
Featured Artists: Susan Li O’Connor | Anne Corley Silverman | Gibby Waitzkin | Helen Hoffelt | Kurt Steger | Meg Hitchcock | Elizabeth Ferguson-Jean