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NX presents: Columbus Arts Festival Emerging Artist, Kate Morgan – Reception 11/22/13 | 7 – 9:30pm

We are very excited to be hosting Kate Morgan as our November NX Artist!







Kate on the cover of ALIVE!

Check out her ALIVE interview HERE!

Kate Morgan in Studio

Kate’s show in her own words:

I am inspired by people & portraiture of all types. I appreciate the human form and the emotions within, so I explore many mediums to convey the limitless individuality the human form embodies. I think of my drawings as portraits of a soul, not an actual person–pulling from the universal level instead of our clouded worldly view. They are more than their surface, much like us. They are my perspective & appreciation of who I am & what I know: a woman who embraces passion. To me they are sisters & brothers of this outlook. They exist unapologetic, proud & passionate.

I create 2D art from mixed media. I use a variety of materials from plaster, paints, recycled papers, maps, metals, wood, resins, metal gears, polyurethanes, dyes and inks to change the aesthetic of each image. If a material inspires me, I use it! The easiest way to say it, is that I experiment & layer things. I love to incorporate things that have a history & give them new context.