All important dates and times are on the “Calls For Artists” page for the show you are entering.


There is a flat $15.00 submission fee, for up to 5 artworks,  for each show (unless otherwise noted in show description). Fees are used for advertisement and hospitality at the Artist Receptions.

  1. Submit your intent to participate to SUBMIT@CSGALLERYONLINE.COM and attach 3-5 works (jpgs, gif, pdf, ect.) for consideration.
    • We are a non jury gallery for most shows. This means your submission is your commitment to participate, you just have to show up on the designated day with your 5 pieces.  If you bring it there is a good chance we will hang it. However, you are only guaranteed one accepted piece. All curation and selection is at the discretion of CS, and is based on size of work and the number of participants in the show.
    • ALL works must be for sale.
    • It is strongly recommended that you attend the opening/artist reception. We are working artists supporting working artists, attendance matters!
  2. Payment must be received via cash or check (made out to CS Gallery) when submissions are dropped off at the gallery! If you are participating in multiple shows in the same month you should register and pay for each submission separately.
  3. Print out the Artwork Details Form and bring it with you to Drop Off.
    • The form has rows to be filled out for each piece of work dropped off. The rows should be cut off into strips and taped to their appropriate art pieces for tagging.
    • This form is also available at the gallery. CS Gallery is not responsible for artwork not appropriately identified with owner, title, and price.
  4. CS Gallery collects a 25% commission on sold artwork. This is lower than most area galleries, but CS believes in supporting artists above profits.
    • We need to keep the lights on and people coming in to see your work; the rest goes to you.
Artwork Details Form

Print and fill out this form. A Work Tag should be completed for each individual artwork, cut as a strip from the form and attached to the artwork.

Download and print the Form in PDF form

Download and print the Form in PDF form

Download the form in MS Word Docx format

Download the form in MS Word Docx format

The $15 submission fee is payable at artwork drop off via cash or check. Receipts can be given upon request.


A successful Email submission to will result in an auto response confirmation email with follow up information!! If you do not receive this response check your spam folder or let us know! You will only receive one response in a 24 hr period.

NOTE: scheduling subject to change at the discretion of CS administration. CS Gallery will be responsible for curating, hanging, and maintaining all work for the duration of the show. CS will also be responsible for all advertising and hospitality as based on the amount of participation and funds generated from artist submission fees. Artists are encouraged to promote each show through their individual outlets as well. Any artworks submitted online may be used for promotional purposes.

Our mission: is to provide an opportunity for artists of all levels and genre to present, market, and sell their works. We are working artists and educators supporting any and all working artists. We believe that mentoring new artists, networking, and creating an experience for patrons is just as important as profits. In these hard times CS is a full service gallery at an economical price for the artist and the patron. Showing art is our passion; we want the profit to stay with the artists, we just need to keep the lights on.