Ballroom Dance

First Lesson $15Regular Lessons $25

First Lesson $15
Regular Lessons $25

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Everyone can dance – Some of us just need lessons!!

Fun, social, comfortable dancing is what we’re about! Ballroom dancing at CS is designed to teach you how to be a confident social dancer. Gallery owner and dance instructor Daniel Colvin will teach you the steps, tricks, and tips to be able to have fun dancing is any social situation. You will learn to move comfortably with your partner to your favorite live music, juke box, or in your kitchen! It’s all about quality time and a long list of other social and physical benefits!

Dance lessons can be anything from salsa to the waltz!

Most beginner lessons will focus on the four dances that are used most often socially – Swing, Rumba, Cha-Cha, and Fox-Trot. Interested in other dances? No problem, just ask! Daniel has years of professional dance experience. The goal is fun!!

Do you need to bring a partner?

No! single ladies can dance with Daniel to learn the skills they will need socially, and gentlemen will have the opportunity to dance with one of our guest instructors.

Here’s the best part!

Daniel is truly committed to a low pressure and social atmosphere. Dance lessons at CS are pay as you play. There are no contracts and no commitments beyond the one you make to yourself and your partner. At CS your first intro lesson will be $15, then it is only $25 per regular lesson!!

We know that not everyone can afford $60 to $100 a lesson like at other studios. But this does not mean you are trading quality for a reasonable price! Daniel is dedicated to giving you the same quality as other studios, just without all the bells and whistles. He wants it to be simple, easy, and affordable.

Is there a wedding in your future?

Well then, lets get moving! First dance, father daughter dance, or just knowing you can move at the reception – we can make it happen! Bring in your song and lets put something together that will make you look awesome!

Contact Daniel to schedule your lessons today!

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