CS Gallery

For five years our mission was to proudly provide an opportunity for artists of all levels and genres to present, market, and sell their works. We are working artists and educators supporting any and all working artists. We believe that mentoring new artists, networking, and creating an experience for patrons is just as important as profits. In these hard times CS strived to be a full service gallery at an economical price for the artist and the patron.

Gallery owner Daniel Colvin is an experienced artist in making handmade paper, printmaking, etching, drawing, and more.

At Cobenick Studios

Cobenick Studios (CS) formerly housed in the back area of 66 Parsons is now located at the Millworks facility, 2020 Leonard Avenue. This paper-making studio is where handmade pages are created and used in leather hand-bound journals, stationery, cards, or as free sheets for purchase. There are also studio spaces forĀ  fine printmaking.

Also at Cobenick Studios
  • Workshops and classes
  • Kids Camps
  • Participation in local festivals
  • Community art projects
  • Wedding services: Calligraphy, invitations, guest books, photo albums
  • Stationery accessories: waxes, seals, inks, pens, quills